Mannol | Our Technologies behind SCT Ester Technology

Mannol is introducing new age SCT ESTER technology to bring high quality lubricants that can surpass all traditional synthetic oils available in the market. Our technology introduces Esters, fully synthetic base oils (Group V) into oil formulations to offer the best protection for your engines at heavy loads.

This technology helps to achieve beyond the OEM Manufacturers’ standard requirements. The innovative team of SCT scientists and engineers worked hard to utilize esters used in aerospace industry and develop SCT ESTER for the mass production of automotive lubricants. Here is a detailed outlook into our technologies behind SCT ESTER Technology.


Through extensive research on advanced ester formulations, the scientists at Mannol developed SCT ESTER with unique properties owing to its molecule. There is negative electrical potential for SCT ESTER molecules which stick to the positively charged engine surface and forms a dense oil film. This protective oil film avoids rupture at extreme loads and allows safer engine start.

The oil film restricts moisture and air to prevent engine corrosion and oxidation. SCT ESTER molecules have complex structure and polarity which results in lower volatility and higher viscosity. Hence, there will be excellent oil pumpability. SCT ESTER have esters of carboxylic acids which helps the modern additives to dissolve in better manner and avoid deposits of dispersed combustion products on the engine. SCT ESTER molecules penetrate aged as well as dried rubber surface layer easily and thereby increases the engine life.

We stock OEM approved products from biggest automotive brands such as Mercedes, Renault, Nissan, Harley Davidson etc.

With sheer effort from our innovative team of scientists and engineers, we have succeeded in synthesizing and developing our own Group V oils with esters that comply with ACEA and API engine protection standards. Our Group V Ester oils provide you with better functionalities compared to synthetic oils developed with Group III and Group IV base oils. Furthermore, esters have faster biodegradation than other base oils because of plant origin.

Being providing highest engine protection at heavy loads and having excellent properties at extreme temperature, ester oils are mostly used in aerospace industry. They are relatively costlier and hence not used much in automotive industry. But, we developed the technology to achieve economically viable use of esters into lubricants and provide the highest security for your engines.